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. . .  I started out with a simple query (“How do you keep the cone-driven bass from intruding into the panels?”). And, before I knew it, 45 minutes had gone by. It seemed like a fraction of that time, though, as I got a primer on speaker-building and electrostatics from a man who — to paraphrase “Lethal Weapon” — may have forgotten more about those subjects than most engineers will ever know.

The sound of the Model 10e was still reverberating in my ears. The demo had included a wide variety of musical genres, including jazz, pop and rock, along with the usual drum-and-percussion-heavy, audio-show tracks. . .


Darryl Lindberg

. . .I admit it:  I’m an absolute sucker for electrostatic speakers.  There’s just nothing like the presentation of a good electrostatic speaker in terms of speed, delicacy, transparency, and very low distortion.   And the Sanders Sound System setup featuring their Model 10e ($17K, including the Sanders Magtech amplifier) sounded much better than merely “good;” in fact, it sounded excellent to my ears.   The 10e features a 15”x42” electronic panel over a 10” aluminum transmission line-loaded woofer, adding up to an elegant 69” package that should suit a variety of rooms.  Although the selections played while I was in the room were unfamiliar, there was no mistaking that ol’ electrostatic black magic:  crystal clear and three dimensional as all get out. . .


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