Fifteen Sweet-Sounding Systems at Newport Beach 2015

Led by Roger Sanders, a man with more than 40 years of experience in electrostatic loudspeakers, Sanders Sound Systems produces hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers that combine electrostatic panels with integrated transmission line-type dynamic woofer systems, which typically would be powered either by Sanders’ distinctive ESL or Magtech amplifiers.

Sanders’ Newport Beach system consisted of a pair of Model 10D hybrid electrostats powered by dual Sanders Magtech Stereo power amplifiers, with crossover duties handled by a Behringer DCX24/96 digital electronic crossover. Although ala carte pricing is possible, Sanders typically sells a package including the Model 10D speakers, the Behringer crossover, and one Magtech amp for $15,000.






















The Sanders speakers exhibit all of the expected electrostatic virtues (transparency, neutrality, superb detail retrieval, and lightning-fast transient speeds), plus something more: namely, astonishing dynamic authority and clout, augmented by robust, rock-solid, deeply extended, and beautifully defined bass. Integration between the electrostatic panels and the transmission line bass system was simply superb.

























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