RMAF 2009 Coverage
What if you gave a party--and FOUR THOUSAND of your closest friends came?

That's what RMAF 2009 was like. The mood was upbeat, the sound was great, and over 150 rooms held an unimaginable variety of wonderful toys. Unlike the air of anxiety often felt at CES, both staff and attendees seemed excited and glad to be there. And why not? What better way to spit in the eye of doomsayers? This place ROCKED, and there was no shortage of new-tech products to introduce the high end to the next generation.

Following the death of organizer Al Stiefel earlier this year, there was some uncertainty regarding the future of the show. Thanks to Al's wife Marjorie Baumert the show went on, bigger than ever, and will continue in years to come. Here's proof that an act of love beats corporate money-grubbing, every time. Many thanks to Marjorie and her staff for a great show, and a fitting memorial to a good man.
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