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Review By Ron Nagle

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Let me premise what follows by saying I am impressed by what I have learned so far. These ESL amplifiers spring from the mind of an audiophile and not just a numbers-crunching paradigm driven technotype. Having said that Mr. Sanders is an interesting story unto himself. Back in 1974, he authored an article in Speaker Builder magazine about electrostatic speakers. Then in 1976, this was followed with an article on amplifiers designed to drive them. In 1980, he wrote about the construction of an electrostatic speaker with a curved diaphragm and he was the first to develop this curved profile. You might remember that a similar Curvilinear electrostatic radiating surface is the hallmark of all of the loudspeakers made by the MartinLogan Company. He is best known for his contribution to the state of the art in his book, "The Electrostatic Loudspeakers Design Cookbook" published by The Audio Amateur in 1993.
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