October 2017 - Review of Sanders Model 10e Electrostatic Speakers by Robert E. Greene of The Absolute Sound

The Sanders Model 10e is the culmination of decades of work by designer Roger Sanders towards perfecting hybrid electrostatic design. And a culmination it is, indeed. This is one of the best speakers ever made. Forget that the price of it is modest by contemporary standards for speakers aspiring to be as good as possible.





















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The Sanders 10e's are as close to perfection as any speaker system I have ever encountered.

The Sanders are a benchmark of speaker design, a design that is superb in all respects and in some respects raises speaker design to a level never reached before.

The Model 10e is indestructible. Even very high input signals will not cause arcing. A major bugbear of 'stats has been eliminated!

The 10e's have effectively unlimited dynamics and definitely adequate bass power and full extension.

If you wanted to call the Sanders 10e the best speaker ever, you could definitely make a case.

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