I have enjoyed having a Sanders system in my home for several years. It consists of 2 Magtech amplifiers, Sanders preamp, Behringer X-O, EQ and the 10c loudspeaker solution. It is one of the few systems I ever have heard that manages to truly disappear in a room and reveal what the respective signal source is with minimal room interactions. That is one of the main innovations here, the speakers integrate into just about any room environment one could have. There is no reason to have a dedicated audio room when the room does not matter that much.

The Sanders solution is also one of the best financial investments I have ever made. Amplifiers with regulated power supplies at a reasonable cost and loudspeakers that don't require exotic room treatments to sound their best are statement products in the current market. I now prefer to invest in quality source media. Isn’t that what this is all about? There are occasions when folks who have never heard this system before comment “who is speaking in your living room?”

I won't go into “geek speak” in this post, Roger does a far superior job with his white papers. What I will say is this; if you are interested in a system that is reasonably priced, has won many “best of show” awards, purchased from a manufacturer that has superior customer service in mind and perhaps the best warranty in the audio business one needs to look no further. I can't think of another audio solution that sounds superior and I have heard quite a few.

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