The Magtech is powerful, neutral, and full of girth and muscle. It keeps a tight grip on the music and never lets go even if the music gets fast and complicated. The Magtech never loses focus or tires out.
I have a pair of Mark & Daniel Apollo II speakers and these speakers are not the most efficient speakers on the block. They have an impedance from 2 to 4 ohms. Thus they require a muscle amp that can deliver the current to these speakers in order to make them sing. No wimpy amp for these power hungry speakers. But the Magtech more then delivers the necessary power to my Apollo's. A wonderful match made in heaven.
The Magtech delivers clear, powerful and tuneful bass. Wonderfully rich mids and delicate not fatiguing highs. Every detail is superbly captured and portrayed across the sound stage which is deep and wide in all directions.
I am very happy with the Magtech and wouldn't trade it in very anything else even at 3 times its price of 5k. The Magtech is definitely a great value for my dollar.
Hi Roger,

They are beautiful, my wife has happily accepted them. But, what a revolution in listening experience!! The ESL sound was pure jaw-dropping!! To think I have been missing this level of detail and transparency for forty years I have been buying records!
. . .
My word, Roger, I can't tell you the pure joy of "practically seeing" Stevie Ray Vaughn's fingers move along the fretboard - it was that palpable on your demo disk. I played Connected - an album of Danny Thompson (the big bass player) and it sounded amazing. I haven't had a chance to listen to old familiar tracks to see the difference, but I will by and by.

I used an independent ear too - made my wife sit in the listening chair and listen - and she went  "wow". She loves music and said that this was a completely new experience - like sitting in front of live artists. . .

Thanks for a wonderful system. You have been very kind and patient.

I will eventually send you some photos.

And I am not returning them!!

With kind regards,
Abu Dhabi

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