The Magtech is powerful, neutral, and full of girth and muscle. It keeps a tight grip on the music and never lets go even if the music gets fast and complicated. The Magtech never loses focus or tires out.
I have a pair of Mark & Daniel Apollo II speakers and these speakers are not the most efficient speakers on the block. They have an impedance from 2 to 4 ohms. Thus they require a muscle amp that can deliver the current to these speakers in order to make them sing. No wimpy amp for these power hungry speakers. But the Magtech more then delivers the necessary power to my Apollo's. A wonderful match made in heaven.
The Magtech delivers clear, powerful and tuneful bass. Wonderfully rich mids and delicate not fatiguing highs. Every detail is superbly captured and portrayed across the sound stage which is deep and wide in all directions.
I am very happy with the Magtech and wouldn't trade it in very anything else even at 3 times its price of 5k. The Magtech is definitely a great value for my dollar.
About a year now I have your 10C's, Magtech stereo and the ESL mono's. Amazing, that's the only thing I can say about it. The sound is really wonderful and I am so happy with it.
I am 53 years old, started with Magnepans when I was 17 years old and replaced these later by different types of electrostatics, all from Audiostatic (Dutch).

When Ray Rears delivered these at my place, I did the installation myself but it appeared that the Mark Levinson 432 was not capable of running these speakers. In fact, this strong amp was destroyed two times, with 900 euro each time, both times immediately after switching on without any music or volume. An open conversation by phonecall and some emails from Mark Levinson learned me that this amp was no match for your speakers. I really needed the ESL's.
Ray Sears actually was the one who made me happy, he was a very important part in this, and since a year now I am surprised every day. I like details and with your electrostatics I get lots of it.
This message is just to thank you, as it is not always easy making a major improvement in this hobby that also will work. A wrong choice is easy to make, as we talk about taste. The fact that Ray is located in my country made the difference.

So Mr Sanders, I am very, very happy with your components, which gave me more than my expectations.

Thanks from Cees in the Nederlands.

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