Dave and Inez visited us when they came to town to visit their parents, our neighbors. It was intended as something "different" to do with the kids this time when they came to town. They both play cello and they were so impressed, they left that day buying an entire 10c Electrostatic Speaker System. Here are their comments sent after having the system in their home:

Dave B.
  • The closest to "being there" at a concert.   
  • It sounds like our cellos.  
  • I hear the characteristics of the (particular make) instrument, for example a "Montagnana" or "Stradivarius" sound from the cello.
  • This has turned listening to music into a far more frequent and enjoyable past-time.  
  • Our TV time (our watching) way down, music listening time way up.  
  • I hear parts of the music I have never heard on a recording.  
  • The clarity and precision of the reproduction of the sound is amazingly good.
  • I have become much more aware of recording technical differences - good versus bad recording.

Inez B.
Orchestral Playing - fascinating to hear the sounds coming from spots (in space in front of me) relative to where they would come in a live orchestra (violins - left, cellos - right, trombones - back right, oboes - middle, etc.)

Vocal ~ Willie Nelson - I had performed with him live in CMA Awards Show in the past.  ...was amazed to hear that unique and wonderful voice quality (seemingly contradictory qualities of gravelly and lyrical) of his sound so close to hearing his voice live.   

My own playing ~ cello - I remember saying "that's how I think I sound when I play"!!  That sensation hit me because, especially in the slow Baroque movements, there are nuances of color, intonation, and expression that are supremely important yet I had not heard them on my recording with any of the several other stereo systems with which I had listened to the CD.  All of a sudden on the Sanders system - Eureka! - I heard what I thought I had played!!!!

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