• The chassis is now aluminum.
  • All chassis parts are thicker to eliminate resonances.
  • XLR connectors are genuine Neutrik. They use professional metal sockets with locking devices.
  • RCA connectors are Cardas with Rhodium plating.
  • The power transformer is larger and more powerful. This has increased the amplifier's power from 300 watts to 360 watts/channel.
  • The power transformer is now fully shielded in an aluminum cylinder and potted in epoxy.
  • A new power supply circuit board is more compact and all wire has been eliminated (except for a 2" piece connecting the circuit board to the speaker binding post).
  • The amplifier is now completely modular in construction.

  • The face plate is "cleaner" and less cluttered.

  • The low-level, input amplifier circuitry has been redesigned to use the latest and best transistors.

  • The bias circuitry has been upgraded to provide more stable operation.

  • More powerful and linear output transistors are used to handle even more power and reduce distortion.
  • The new circuitry and transistors allow the use of less bias so that the amplifier runs even cooler than the original amp.
  • The speaker binding posts are placed at 45 degrees for ease of routing stiff speaker cables.

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